kamil Şihaliev

What is Forex
The Forex market (FOReign EXchange market) — is the largest financial market of the world. It’s daily turnover is more than 3 trillions US dollar. Market works 24 hours in a day and trading operations realizes between the Banks, which are located in different parts of the world. Actually, it is a huge Exchange (currency exchange office), and everyone has dealt with exchanges at least one time in their life.

We must go to the exchange office to change currency and spend the time for this. But Forex is a currency market that give us an opportunity to buy or sell currency through the Internet in a few seconds.

The main adventage of the currency market is that you can trade with currencies in a real time regime through the Internet from any part of world, even from home or work. You only need to >>> Open an Account <<< in broker companies. Even starting with $300 and using the 1:100 leverage supporting by broker companies, it is possible to operate with deposits exceeding many times than your initial balance of Account.
In other words, having 1000$ in Account you can operate with 100,000$. In that case by the changing the price only on 1 cent you gains 1000$ of profit!

The profitability of this business is more than from other businesses.

If you are ready to invest 100,000 $ — 1,000,000 $ to this business, you will understand as soon as within one half-year, that it was a most successful investment, that ever you did.
There are no factors, such as rent of office or warehouse, salary of employees or charges for advertising, business trip and payment of customs duties.

Mainly, there are no wearisome struggles with the competitors: Forex is a unique kind of business, where is no competitor. At the same time the profitability achieves 70–350% per year depending on style of trading that is an exemplary parameter for any business.

All of this and many others are the unconditional advantages of the trading at Forex currency market[/color][color=][/color][color=darkblue]